When to quit playing an online poker session

If you play a lot of online poker at PokerStars or at another online poker room with a lot of action and multi-tabling opportunities, you need to know when to quit a session. Otherwise your win ratio will suffer.

When to quit playing a session of poker is when you feel too stressed out to play.

If you are feeling under the weather, and start off by losing some money and fast, maybe you should just quit for the day and come back later on when you are feeling up to it.

But, on the contrary if you are playing well and just losing a coin flip here and there, and feeling unaffected by them, then you should continue your session for as long as you still are in your comfort zone of money.

When you lose 3 or 4 buy-ins in a cash game right off the bat, some players will force themselves to try and win it back which is simply not a good strategy. You want to try and play your best poker at all times throughout. When you feel that the tilt factor is coming into play is when you should just stop right then and there.

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Play games you can beat

If you are playing cash games and multi tabling a lot of tables, you can lose a few buy-ins with rapidity, and sometimes maybe more than you like.

But, if you are still playing well, making correct reads in situations, and getting your money in with at least a 50/50 shot then you shouldn't quit because luck is such a big factor of poker.

If you are playing with a small bankroll and you lose a few buy-in's, it hurts much more than if you are playing with a big bankroll for your limit and understandably so. You should always be playing at games which you feel you can beat, and games that are in your bankroll to play.

When you start playing in games that are running you over, it is time to stop playing. Also, games that you feel are very stressful to play in with players that may have an edge on you are games to avoid.

Being able to evaluate your progress in games is something few players do, and do well for that matter. Maybe you will make some bad plays, and don't understand that you weren't a favorite in some hands. Ideally if you can look at a session of poker that you previously played, and saw that you did all that you could do, then there is nothing to be upset about.

Cards fall in your opponents' direction sometimes, and other days they fall in yours. If they are falling in your direction one day and you are running very well winning virtually every even money hand and hand that you are favored to win, then you should ride the rollercoaster, and keep pushing yourself forward throughout the day until you feel like you aren't playing your best.

Mainly, what you would like to do is if you are playing your best poker then just simply keep going, because in the end the luck will even itself out. All you can do is play the best that you can play, and if you feel you aren't then stop, if you feel you are keep pushing forward.

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