Tips to maximize your online poker income

If you are a winning online poker player, managing to beat the variance and the rake (something relatively easy at the micro-limits), read this article as these tips could be worth thousands of dollars for your bankroll.

If you already win at online poker, you know the usual tips such as: good bankroll management, understanding of probabilities (outs, pot odds, implied odds), importance of position, avoiding slow play, tilt control, constant learning (books, forums, blogs), using poker tools, maintaining a positive attitude, etc.

Understanding all the above tips is just the first step for maximizing your profitability. But once these important poker tips are well understood and executed, you must implement additional steps in order to maximize your poker profits. If you do not, you leave money on the table (literally & figuratively).

The following tips for maximizing your profits at online poker will help you accomplish this goal.

Change stakes often

Within the regulars community in the NL25 to NL 400 range, many profitable players seem to stay at the same limit forever. They play almost like routine, grinding their small profit days in and days.

Always playing in your comfort zone is not the way to maximize your poker bankroll. If you have enough bankroll to play sit and go $22 at PokerStars for example, but prefer to play the $11 because there is less variance, this is a mistake or even a leak.

Do not succumb to fear. It is only by giving "shots" to higher stake levels that will you have a chance to maximize your income while improving your skills. Go up and down in limits if necessary, but do not stay at the same limit all the time (unless you play NL5000).

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Get the Best Promotions

Often you will join a new room and benefit from its great promotions including its welcome bonus. But the sign up bonus is often one of the biggest promotions that a poker room offers, because it is their way to attract new players with their best possible incentives.

After you have joined a room, you may become somehow captive. By force of habit and convenience, players tend to continue to play at the same room and do not try hard to find if they could try another poker room offering exceptional benefits to new players.

If you are a profitable player, you can play at any poker room. And it is good for your game to always try new rooms and new casino poker variations, as this will sharpen your skills by confronting you with new situations. Remember that Phil Ivey, generally considered to be one of the best poker players in the world, can play any poker variation, anywhere, against anyone, and he usually wins.

Some rooms offer rakeback and some do not. For example poker stars does not, but they have an outstanding VIP system equivalent to a rakeback program, even better for active players.


Whether you play in tournaments or in ring game, you must find the optimal number of tables that you can handle. Try adding tables until you reach a number where you start making too many mistakes.

Every player has a different number of tables that they can handle. Unlike other casino games such as online roulette or slots, where you donít have to worry about spreading yourself to thin and making mistakes, when playing poker you need to have your head in every game that youíre a part of. Some like to play only 2 or 3, some of the top players at PokerStars play 24 tables at a time (the maximum allowed). Some sit and go players routinely play even more than that, and Bertrand Grospellier recently broke a Guinness record playing profitably 67 sit and go in one hour.

One of the benefits of playing online poker versus live poker is that you can multi-table. Not only will it maximize your online poker profits, but it will also sharpen your skills by forcing you to make more and faster decisions.

Just check the new generation of successful live poker tournaments. Many of them come from a nearly manic online poker multi-tabling environment.

Set correct money management and goals

It is good practice to separate your poker money from your other money accounts, such as the rent money or the drink money. Do not deplete your bankroll for other monetary needs, forcing you to play lower stake. This is clearly against maximizing your online poker profits as you will make less profit at a lower stake.

Set realistic goals for your profits. Adjust if you do not meet your expectations of if you exceed that. Keep records of your goals and your results. Without proper accounting, you cannot maximize results. Keep track and take notes, adapt your plan according to your findings.

Follow the simple steps discussed in this article, and your profits will steadily rise. This is guaranteed. For additional opportunities to make money online, try the number one online poker room pokerstars. Benefiting from its massive traffic and attractive promotions is another way to increase your profit.


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