Best Online Poker Tools

Nowadays it is essential to use online poker tools if you want to be a winning poker player and to make a profit playing poker. These online poker tools will give you the edge against the casino. The competition is strong in online casinos, with the odds stacked against you. So use the clever software available to help improve your game.

There are hundreds of online poker software tools in the market, and many among them will not provide real benefits. This is why we spent time researching the most useful poker aids. Find below the list of the top online poker tools that will add value to your online poker skills and win rate.


Poker-edge is an advanced database data mining product that let you uncover the playing styles of your opponents as soon as you sit at their table. This tool will display the most intimate habits of the other players, immediately unmasking their strengths and weaknesses.

The secret of poker-edge's amazing artificial intelligence is achieved by an army of computers whose sole task is to garner hand histories from all main poker sites. Each computer open hundreds of tables at various poker sites. It then records all the "observed" hand histories ocurring at different stake limits, all day long and every day.

This advanced computer software application was developed by to graduates from the computer science Department at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top Universities in complex software development in the United States. So they know how to run this and give you amazing data.

Hand histories are just text files recording all details of each hand played, such as xxx in the big blind raised 4 blinds, everyone else folded except yyy in the cutoff who reraised to 25 blinds, etc, until the hand is completed. These recordings can be stored and reorganized within a database.

One of the outcomes of such datamining operation is that every player is profiled in great details, such as tightness, win rate, bluffing rate, aggression, continuation bet frequency, etc. Hundreds of statistics are calculated, resulting in the creation of a DNA-like enlightening analysis of each player.

Because pokeredge's methodology is so exhaustive, they now have hand histories from millions of online poker players. So chances are that wherever and whenever your use poker-edge's tool, it will have information about most players at your table. If it does not know anything about one player, it is probably because this is a new player who has not yet been spotted at this particular online poker site.

Pokeredge truly offers an unfair advantage, and this is why it is not allowed to use it on pokerstars (but most other poker rooms allow it). Fortunately, poker edge has created a stealth system to make itself undetectable. You can use it at any poker site and poker sites have no way of knowing that you are using it (we tested that and it works). Note that since July 2012, pokeredge does not support pokerstars anymore.

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See for yourself. Poker-edge offers a five days free trial. No commitment or obligation. You might be surprised by the amount of information that suddenly becomes available to you by just using pokeredge.


One secret for improving your win rate if you are using a poker tracker software such as Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager is to purchase data mined hand histories from handhq.

There are many benefits of doing it, but in a nutshell, the advantage is that you can get additional information about your opponents, information that would never have been revealed to you otherwise. The benefit of using HandHQ is knowing the secret habits of your competitors.

This is particularly useful if you are starting at a new poker room or if you are attempting to play at a higher limit. In such cases, your poker tracker database and your HUD will be emtpy. By buying additional hand histories, you will be able to spot the shark, the fish from the newbies right away.

Note that there are two kinds of hand histories databases. The remote type database was described in the previous section about Pokeredge. This section and using handhq is related to local hand histories database, i.e. all the data is saved on your own computer and you can perform any type of analysis that your heart desire, assuming your poker tracker can do it, but they can run tons of analysis.

The difference between these two types of poker tools is a matter of personal choice. The Benefit of using pokeredge is that it is totally hands off. Launch the software and this is it. On the other hand, if you are thinking about getting observed hand histories from handhq, you need first to have and to get familiarized with a local poker tracker.

This requires a little bit more work but you need to work at least a bit to money playing poker. Ask Vanessa Rousso, Greg Raymer or any top pro, they will confirm that. So have a look at the website by clicking the button just below.

Note that handhq has hand histories for all major poker rooms such as pokerstars, full tilt, party poker and many more. In particular they recently added Carbon Poker in their list and this is good to know as Carbon Poker is one of the few rooms still offering real money games in the USA.

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WSOP Champion Greg Raymer

Whatever you choose, you have to have one or the other. Nowadays online poker is very competitive even in smaller rooms, and all players who play to make money use a poker tracker, local or remote. And there are thousands and thousands of users of these datamining services.

Tournament Indicator

There are many odds calculators on the market, but to our knowledge only one that was specifically created for online poker tournaments. This is Tournament Indicator.

The benefit of using an odds calculator is that it will display a number of important odd numbers or statistics that are impossible to calculate in your head in the heat of the action. But you need these numbers in order to make optimal decisions.

So what do people do without an odd calculator? Either they are very experienced and they know all the odds on top of their head. Ask Daniel Negreanu if he needs an odds calculator. Or they are beginning players who make incorrect plays.

For example think of the so-called "calling stations". These players make one horrendous call after another, and they clearly do not use an odds calculator. Because if they did they could see that their plays have -EV and cost them serious money over the long term.

Enough said about odds calculators in general.

Tournament Indicator is unlike any other poker calculator in the list of our poker tools reviews. It is specially designed for Texas Holdem online tournament events. You would use the same indicators in a real tournament situation, except for the fact that you cannot calculate everything by head. But a ring or cash game would require different indicators.

One feature unique to Tournament Indicator is that it can display m-zones. Not just yours, but your opponents too.

M-zones are critical regions depending on the ratios of your stack divided by blinds plus antes. Each m-zone requires a different optimal play. In essence it is a matter of knowing if you have a short stack, a big stack or a medium size stack. It is important to know your m-zone at all time in a tournament.

The problem with m-zones is that it is nearly impossible to always remember to calculate them in the heat of the tournament, not to mention that you need to be good in mental calculation to do it constantly. This is what tournament indicator is for, doing this tedious job for you.

The good news is that Tournament Indicator offers a 48 hours free trial. It is short but more than enough for you to check if you will benefit from its unique features, and start making money playing online poker tourneys.

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