Ultimate Bet

Ultimate Bet was a very good poker room that we recommended. Not anymore, as they are on the brink of bankrupcy following Black Friday and related legal actions against them. Therefore we recommend to play at Carbon Poker instead, and they accept US players. Use the right code in order to receive a nice welcome Carbon Poker Bonus.


Ultimate Bet Poker Room

First, use an Ultimate Bet Referral Code when you sign up for the first time at UB. This grants you an astronomical bonus of 111% up to $1100, the largest bonus in online poker.

Ultimate Bet is a very large poker room part of the Cereus Network, which takes U.S. players. They are represented by two famous poker pros, eleven WSOP bracelets winner Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke, who has many accomplishments in poker including finishing tenth at the WSOP main event in 2000.

Ultimate Bet is home to the "Aruba Poker Classic". This exciting event will run for the 8th time this year in October at the Radisson Resort on the sunny island of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea. There is hardly a better place to play in a poker tournament.

The Aruba Poker Classic schedule consists in 6 NLHE events, including a charity event and the Championship event that carries a first prize over one million dollars. If you attend, you may even get a chance to spot Phil Hellmuth drunk in the swimming pool.

Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot

Ultimate Bet is notorious for its large bad beat jackpot.

Ultimate Bet Jackpot

The idea is that if you get a really horrendous back beat while playing online poker at UB, you may win the backbeat jackpot.

What is a bad beat?

A bad beat is when a poker hand that under normal conditions would be the worst hand comes from behind to beat a much stronger hand. When this happens to other players, this is just part of the game of poker, but when it happens to you, this will make you intensely upset in the face of extreme bad luck.

At Ultimate Bet, the bad beat jackpot builds up by taking a small fraction of each pot dealt at all the special "bad beat" tables. If a player holds quad Eights or better and takes a bad beat (beaten by a better quad or a straight flush), he will get 50% of the jackpot.

The rest is divided between the winner of the hand (25%) and each other player sitting at the table ($1000). Everyone playing the same game type and stakes when the Bad Beat takes place gets a small share as well and the rest is used to seed the next bad beat jackpot.

The referral code at ultimate bet is SOMUCH. This exclusive code grants you a 111% bonus up to $1,100.


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Alternatively read about the pokerstars rakeback, not exactly a rakeback program rather a VIP Club, but potentially very juicy as well. Another alternative is to try online blackjack which as you probably know is another interesting card game that requires skill as well as luck.